Organizes and coordinates departments personnel, work, and food production.


  1. Be agreeable to possibly enroll if needed in state-approved food service program.
  2. EXPERIENCE: Minimum one (1) year dietary management experience in a health care setting.
  3. APTITUDE: Verbal and writing abilities necessary to communicate and work effectively with various levels of staff, residents, family members, and the public, and for required written documentation or reports.Numerical ability necessary to make various computations in planning departmental objectives, keeping work records and schedules, preparing budgets, requisitioning supplies, and monitoring inventory control. Ability to apply principles of personnel administration to interviewing, selection and supervision of employees, and in monitoring department activities. Able and willing to work flexible hours in order to supervise A.M. and P.M. personnel.
  4. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Stands and walks intermittently throughout the work day. Reaches, stoops, bends, lifts, carries, and manipulates various food items, dietary supplies and equipment. Visual acuity and color discrimination in determining nutritional quality and palatability of foods. Ability to work with chemicals and cleaning agents. Exposure to temperature and humidity changes as in entering refrigerated storage areas, working at ovens and ranges, dishwashing machines, and at steam tables.


  1. Supervise resident meal service planning and programs.
  2. Supervise personnel functions of the dietary department.
  3. Understand and comply with all policies contained in issued standard manual apply to the functioning of the department.
  4. Conduct or assist with department inspections.
  5. Assist in the maintenance of the department inventory control program.
  6. Understand facility's fire and disaster plans; follow established procedures during drill and actual emergencies.


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