Rehabilitation to Home

Our in-house therapy staff provides a full range of therapy services to meet the individual needs of our patients, including one-on-one physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. We work with residents and family members to create individualized treatment plans to attain each resident's highest level of function in order to return to his/her prior level of living. These treatment approaches may include therapeutic exercises, assistive device training, cognitive therapy, endurance training, range of motion and self-care retraining.  

Are you having a hip replacement or knee surgery? Our therapy department is proud to offer a rehab-to-home program. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs are developed on an individual basis to get the person independent as soon as possible. Medicare and private insurance may cover most of these charges.


We Provide the Following Therapy Care:

Success Stories

  • An 87-year-old male patient was involved in a tractor accident that resulted in multiple pelvic fractures requiring surgical repair. He was non-ambulatory and required max assist for all care upon admission. After receiving PT and OT services for 8 weeks, including therapeutic exercises, transfer training, electrical stimulation, and self-care retraining, he was able to return home with his spouse. He was able to become independent again with all his self-care and functional mobility upon returning home.
  • A 97-year-old female patient was admitted from the hospital with a diagnosis of a traumatic cervical fracture. She had been living alone and independent with all self-care. Upon admission, she required assistance for all self-care, including self-feeding. After PT and OT services for 7 weeks, including therapeutic exercises, self-care retraining, adaptive equipment retraining, and home assessment, she was able to return home independently.
  • A 79-year-old female patient was admitted to us following a knee replacement for self-care and ambulation. The patient received PT and OT services for 7 days, including therapeutic exercises, transfer and gait training and self-care retraining, and was able to return home to independent living and continued with outpatient physical therapy at our facility. At her final evaluation, she was walking without an assistive device and back to her prior level of function, including returning to the various activities in the community she participated in.
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